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Rosie - What to gift for Valentines Day

Rosie - What to gift for Valentines Day

V-Day is coming nearer and nearer per second and for people like me, who are like light years away of any kind of relationship, one of the most depressing days of the year is just around the corner. All the big shops here in London are already covered with screaming red hearts, pink roses and the most tempting chocolate treats for weeks. There is literally no escape from the Day of Love, even if you aren't in love.

So, because of these rather unfortunate event that reminds every single person in the World how single you actually can be, I made a little gift guide just for yourself, from the lonely girl to all the other lonely girls out there: I am with you. 

Scroll down for my rose-obsessed beauty, book and jewellery picks!


When no one else is buying us shiny gold and silver stuff, we have to do it on our own, right? I am not the biggest jewellery girl, but I had a day in January when I bought like four necklaces at once and I keep layering them on top of each other with different chokers and outfits. 

The Initial by Orelia
A tiny necklace I almost wear every day just to let everyone know the first letter of my name. If you write it down like this, it actually sounds pretty ridiculous right? 

The Sparkling Necklace by H&M
Seriously can make any easy T-Shirt into an evening outfit, just imagine it with an low cut shirt! 

The Black Stone by H&M
Had the Idea to from girls who wear their birthstones, I just didn't like my colour so, here we go with the real colour of my soul: Black. 

The Moon by & Other Stories
Night and Moon are so important in my life and have so much meaning that everyone can interpret to each other. I also have the same moon on my wrist in silver every single day. 

The Sunglasses by H&M
For that special moment you are in need of an instant rose-tinted view on the world.


Beauty is one of these things I spend way too much time and money on, probably 8 times too much money. But when it comes to the newest breakthroughs coming from the world's best skincare-labs, I just have to try it and that means own it. Luckily after living my whole life with eczema, I am slowly getting what my skin really needs and what's definitely not good for it. 

Lano Rose Hand Cream by Lano Lips
It smells so good, I could eat it. Try the Rose one, just try it, smear it all over your hands, your feet, your porridge, your walls... Just, everywhere. 

Pixi Rose Oil Blend by Pixi Skintreats
Another victim of my rose-obsession, this little face oil! I actually just bought it for the smell, but I am seriously happy with the effects it has on my skin too! 

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rose Water by Mario Badescu
The Trigger of my rose scent obsession. I bought this little helper quite some time ago and am literally obsessed with it. It is an instant refresher and hydrator packed with thousands of ingredients. Also it helps fixing you make-up, but I actually don't really care about all those amazing features, I just wanna smell and feel it the whole day.

Rosy Lips by Vaseline
A classic, no more word needed. 

Blue Agave and Cacao by Jo Malone
My favourite perfume and actually the only one I ever used since starting to use spray perfumes on me. Sadly, they just stopped producing it which made me bulk-buying it (Current Stock: 8 Bottles left). So, for the distant future I have to find a new scent -  recommendations welcome. 

Glow Tonic by Pixi Skintreats
THE tonic you can buy right now, it's literally everywhere and everyone is talking about it. And I only can recommend it too! 

Brushes by Real Techniques
Those are real treats, they are like chocolate truffles, you can't just have one. They are shiny, gold, rose gold or silver and well, probably one of the best brushes you can find. 


There are so many books out there that are worth reading, like literally, millions of books. So, to choose just a few I want to feature was really hard, but in the end I went for the prettiest from my small London bookshelf, because why bother spending time with something on V-Day when it's not pretty, right? 

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight
- because we all need to learn on how to not give a .... , especially on V-Day .

Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight
Probably the only book I actually need, because I am the worst of all when it comes to do the stuff I have to do, because I'm always just worrying about the stuff I should do (you know that term: procrastination?)

Nutshell by Ian McEwan
One of the best crime novels in history, not because of the crime itself, but of it's unbelievable that the whole story is from the  point of view and the hilarious thoughts of an unborn child.

Love x Style x Life by Garance DorΓ©
Lovely to look at, lovely to read in, lovely to have on your coffee table.

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