My name is Eleonore Marie and I’m the blogger and face behind Couture Department. I was born on in May 1996 in Munich, but have been growing up in Vienna. My passion for fashion and photography already started very early and as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a fashion designer or photographer or journalist or stylist, see? - I don´t know for sure what my future should look alike. But this page, this blog, is my little universe where I can live out all of these futures together. Posting pictures, talking about style and fashion, travel the world, writing about adventures and the very best, sharing all of this with you. 
The beginning of Couture Department was the 2nd July 2013, the day of my very first post. Since then it’s mainly about personal outfits and style, but it keeps getting more and more into a real mix of everything I love and feel to share.
On 1st January 2015, I launched the New Couture Department with a completely new design and the beginning of a more professional blogging.