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The Sustainable Sneaker Revolution

The Sustainable Sneaker Revolution

I’ve always had a oddly strong connection with shoes. There were weeks during school, where it was normal for me to buy at least two pairs a week, no matter which brand or where from. I always dreamed of having on of these incredible walk in wardrobes full of beautiful high heels, flats and, very recently, also sneakers. Shoes made me happy, especially in quantity.

However, in recent times, my mindset towards this changed a lot. With age came responsibility and the knowledge how bad the clothing and accessories sector is for our planet. Today, sustainability is far more important for me than anything else.
As shoes are still a quite necessary part of our lifestyles though, (who would actually walk around in the streets of London barefoot?), I started searching for a shoe brand that not only offers the style I want, but also doesn’t harm the environment.

Let me introduce you to Veja: The super trendy sustainable alternative you’ve been seeing on the streets in the past couple of months. Organic materials, no chemicals, ethically produced. And, all of this, without cutting back on style at all.

So far I own two pairs which I both adore and love. They pretty much took over every outfit I’ve been wearing the last couple of months. See below to shop and learn more on their website about the project!

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