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It's been 80 Days

It's been 80 Days

Exactly 80 days I pressed a few simple buttons on my laptop screen which lead to one of my most regretful decisions. The story behind it is long and taught me one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned: Thinking. 

A bit over two months ago, maybe you realised, my blog went down, for the simple fact, that it didn’t work out the way I wanted. After a very emotional week of drama, in which one of my favourite bags got stolen, all my personal belongings such as keys or ID, gone, I received a mail that my contract with my blog provider was due to renew. As I had thought for a while, that I wasn’t quite as happy as in the beginning and reached the creative limit’s of my page, I decided not to renew it. I basically deleted my blog and wanted to start over on a new hosting page and provider. 
As someone who always did all of their webpage managing on her own, I felt incredibly confident in setting up the new page and thought it would only take me a day or two. Well, this is the story goes south. I wasn’t able. I underestimated the amount of work, I couldn’t sleep because the state of my blog, my baby I had for five years, wasn’t in a state I would have ever felt to show anyone. I couldn’t concentrate on college submissions, which were lining up next to me and in the end, I almost had a nervous breakdown which ended in multiple hours of hysterical crying sessions. 

So, I decided to hire a web developer. I send him examples of what I wanted my page to look like, what my dream outcome would be, I paid for new hosting and, as my old domain was still protected and unable to be written onto a new hosting service, also bought a new domain. Thankfully I was able to create a backup of all my blog posts, five years of work. 
For the first time in weeks I felt like something was going the right way and finally, I was able to concentrate on college work again. 

However, this is not the happy end of the story. As it turned out, what I wanted the blog look like, the vision I had, was not as easy as thought and I ended up with something that neither was me or fulfilled my expectations. Looking back, I spend a huge amount of money on probably one of the most important lessons of my life: Be Your Own Women & Don’t Trust Anyone Other to Do Your Job. 
I know it sounds cliche, but if I had just trusted my gut and kept on working on my own, I probably would have never made this rash decision and at one point would have come out with this new layout. 

But now were here. We made it, I made it. It’s back online, all my old content is still saved up online, and the blog looks better than ever. 
I hope you enjoy this new blog layout as much as I do, there is a lot of content ready to up for the next days, weeks and months, I never felt more motivated to do this! 


I was wearing:
Zara Suit / Giovanti Rossi Shoes

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Button-Down's in Greece

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