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Untold Love Story - Fries over Guys on Valentines Day

Untold Love Story - Fries over Guys on Valentines Day

Let me tell you a story. A story about Fries. French Fries, Chips, Pommes Frites, Fritten, call them as you like, I just have one name for them: The Love Of My Life. 

It's true, as weird as it sounds, those lovely fried little things are actually my favourite food thing in the whole wide world and sometimes I'm deeply shocked when I realized how often I could eat them. We have a long history together and it very probably will last even longer over the next decades. They followed me through happy times, sad times, break-ups, birthdays, travelled the world with me and now, they are spending the day of Love with me. V-Day for me is all about Fries. 

No kidding, when I started thinking about this year's Valentines Post I had quite a few ideas, but in the end they all seemed stupid because after all, I am still single as f*ck. And then it flashed my mind. Fries. Those little things that brighten every dark moment, exactly they should get something very special courtesy from me for V-Day. And here we are! 

The story of the famous French fries goes far back and it all started in Belgium. They are dated back to almost the year 1680, so since that time they made a lot of people happy and they are one of the most popular foodstuffs in the world, so they will have a brilliant future and make a lot more people happy. 
In Germany alone each year 300.000 tons of that little delight are purchased and I'm only taking about the frozen ones you get in the supermarket. I don't even wanna think about America! 

In preparation for this post I scrolled through my Instagram till the very bottom and my few very bad first posts, can you imagine when I realized the absolute lack of fries-pics? Well I was pretty shocked. I am using  hashtags for everything, #CoutureDepartmentlovesSushi, #CoutureDepartmentlovesMacarons, #CoutureDepartmentlovesIce... but NO fries!

Obviously I already started re-tagging old pictures now, but from now on I will give my favourite food a special approach on Instagram! 
Also, this is even more important, I went on a fries-hunt. I had 4 different fries in one night with my beloved fries-partner-in-crime to check out the best ones in London - just for you Guys. And guess what, about 5000kcal later, I am presenting you my all London Fries-Guide as a Valentines Treat! 

I enjoy my fries best 'Rot-Weiß', as the German would say, which basically means with mayonnaise and ketchup. But in end it all comes down to how that cute little potatoes are made. Sweet potato? Rosemary chips? Cheese fries? Or even Truffle fries? Let me tell you, there are dozens of different ways you may enjoy them and each of one brings a bright smile to my face.

So below this massive love letter for fries, you can find dozens of images, some have notes and addresses, some are self-explaining and some are just simple FRIES.

I was wearing: 

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