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Eight Restaurants to try in New York

Eight Restaurants to try in New York


Spending five weeks in New York, pretty much on your own the whole time, makes a lot of lonely dinners. But that doesn't mean for one second that you can't enjoy it. I actually love sitting in a cute little place, surrounded by business and just sinking into my book. And that's pretty much what I did for the whole time. And of course I need to share my favourite places with you! 
To some of these restaurants I've been probably four to five times alone, which is a lot when you only stay in a city for about five weeks. 

So if you ever make it to New York in the next weeks, here are some tips for you and please feel free to share any more new founds with me! 



Unlike many other restaurants in this list, Pepe Rosso To Go has nothing to do with Instagram. But it is probably the one I am most proud of to have on my list, since it's one of the best pastas I ever had, and guys, I know what I am talking about. 
If you like fancy food, a nice environment, or music in the background, this is not your place. Here is only one thing that counts, Pasta. However, if you are looking for a place to have a meal for under $20, that's quick, easy and delicious, this is a perfect match. 
I found it on one of my many strolls through Soho, desperately looking for something easy to eat, where I wouldn't feel left out for sitting on my own. And then, Pepe Rosso made it entrance on the stage. 
It's self-service, you get wine in plastic cups and they expect you to clean the tables afterwards. It's still good enough that old Italian gentlemen and ladies, with hat and suit and Dolce and Gabanna handbags, are walking in to pick up their dinner for home. If that's not a quality symbol for good pasta, I don't know what would. 


PEPE ROSSO TO GO, 149 Sullivan St, NY 10012



This little spot in the Lower East Side is somewhat of a Lifesaver. Almost mid through my time in New York, my immune system finally gave in on the 24/7 air conditioning and I started to feel a bit feverish and within minutes I googled: "Vietnamese restaurant near me". 
And Google did not disappoint, no, this phenomenal veggie broth saved my life that night.


AN CHOI, 85 Orchard Street, NY 10002



When I heard that the best pancakes in the city where serves just two blocks away from me, I absolutely had to get some of these fully pillows. Beside the fact that the queen starts normally 30 minutes before even opening of the doors, you can't got wrong with this place. Everything is delicious, easy and exactly how it should be. 





Mulberry and Vine is one of those places you find on your last day while visiting a place and you are incredible mad that you only found it on that last day. 
I literally, not a joke, found this little spot on the last Thursday of my Internship while walking back from Wholefoods with my Lunch. And when I got my last Lunch from there on Friday, I was seriously disappointed at my self for not having every Lunch from here over the last four weeks. 
It's clean, healthy, delicious and you can mix and match from different salads, sides and proteins. So the dream of every Healthy-Eating Person!


MULBERRY & VINE, 77 Warren Street, NY 10007



Café Henrie is one of those little places you've seen at least four times on your Instagram Feed in the last months. It is, the perfect place to gram your breakfast, brunch or lunch, because just about everything is pink. Their tables, glasses, menus and, their very pink neon at the back. If you're looking for a fun place to enjoy some amazing banana bread and relax for a bit, this is it! 


CAFÉ HENRIE, 116 Forsyth Street, NY 10003


#6: EL REY

This little coffeeshop not only has my favourite, or well only coffee I drink, cold brew, but also serves the most amazing brunch. I adore their Granola Bowl, because no matter how easy it would be make one on my own, Granola is always better when done by someone else. And I guess, this wonderful colourful little Avocado and Pita I don't have to explain. 


EL RAY, 100 Stanton Street, NY 10002



The little Take Away and Restaurant in Orchard Street might just be my favourite place. I've been there multiple times, just sitting there at the bar, enjoying my food and reading my book. They serve marvellous cocktails, as I watched them so many times prepare. One of my favourite things there is the little bowl of Olives and Haloumi for nibbling, because, who doesn't love to nibble. Also their Pasta, or Breads, are all delicious. So if you ever are in need for a space with comforting food, where you can read a good book while it rains outside, I've got you covered.   


DUDLEYS, 85 Orchard Street, NY 10002



The Corner between Soho and the Lower East Side might look like a typical Take Away Deli, but when you're lucky enough to make a reservation for the hidden restaurant downstairs, you will experience one of the secret Speakeasy Locations of New York!
I don't really wanna tell too much about it since that's all what it's about, mystery and fun! 


LA ESQUINA, 114 Kenmare Street, NY 10012

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