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Charity Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Charity Christmas Gift Guide 2016

This is my third Christmas I am spending while blogging on Couture Department, and since then I always published one Charity Gift Guide before Christmas. But this year is different, because this year, I feel, like there is even more suffering on the streets, in third world countries and especially in war zones.

Charity is getting more and more important for me, it literally always breaks my heart to see someone sleeping in the open, see someone begging for work or just enough money to sleep in a hostel. The world is getting rougher every day for the ones with less luck, but what can we do? A lot, it starts from giving someone a few coins to buy them a cup of tea and just ask if you can listen to their story.

But even if homelessness is the problem most of us are seeing the most frequently (aka the one that actually happens in front of our doors) it's by far not the only one. There is so much going on right now, in exactly these seconds all over the world, it's actually hard to get the picture. Our news are full with awful and humanity-destorying images and updates from Syria, right now specifically from Aleppo. No one seems to fully know whats going on right now or how to help, but there are some ways, even from your safe couch. Donating to organisations trying to help those last thousands of people trapped in East Aleppo is not only more or less one of the only things we can do, it's mandatory.

Thinking back to my time when I worked 18 hours a day in a refugee camp in Vienna, it breaks my heart that the home-town of so many people I met, today is so destroyed, a ruin of itself and that the rest of those people, maybe even family members or friends of the wonderful friends I made during that time, are being slaughtered or running for their lives. Men, Women, Children, no one is safe there right now even thats exactly what you should be in your home town, safe and happy with your family, like we all are during Christmas.

Below I collected a few links for you guys, links that can help people on the streets to have a good Christmas, get villages in Africa clean water, fund money for volunteer doctors in Syria or maybe just get some kids who can't afford a teacher help with their homework. There is nothing more than I can do than hope that some of you, who maybe still don't have bought all of their Christmas presents for their own family, have a look through, maybe your aunt, second cousin or even your mom would be more happy for a family in Uganda to get a goat than with every other kind of present you may buy.


Searching for survivors on Aleppo, helping Civilians

Sending Doctors to all over the world and providing free medicine

Is building an Hospital in Aleppo

Helping Refugees all over the World


Everything from Baby Kits, Medicine to Clean Water for Children.
With personalised Greeting Cards

Helping with relief supplies all over the world, Education, Goats, Chickens and Food. With personalised Greeting Cards

Another Organisation that offers gifts for your beloved ones with personalised Greeting Cards

Gift your beloved one with everything from Chickens, to Baby Kits to Sleeping Bags and hot Meals, cute Cards included


Helping young People in London living on the streets, Warm Bed Packs and Support

Helping homeless People in the UK with cards designed by them, I especially like the New Year Pack, where you give three people a home over Christmas

Festive Snake

Festive Snake